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June 5th, 2014 (06:13 pm)

I have been trying to post to tumblr: somniumquiesco.tumbler.com and @nicole_c_lewis because I feel like the only thing I can post here in good conscious is that I have made progress. But what is progress? So often it only seems like getting an agent would be progress, as that is the next "step" on the path to being traditionally published.

I have gotten good feedback from acquiring editors at a convention based upon my pitch/query letter. I have been rejected by 20+ agents, but I have fulls with two agents I am in love with. Both agents requested fulls in March. I have been checking my emails with so much fear since then. I want them to say yes. I will be so crushed if they say no.

If they say no I will still persevere. I will edit and keep querying and keep working on book 2 and beyond. Because I have to. But it will hurt. It will hurt and I am allowed to be scared of that.

I have lost so many friends because of my lj anxiety, and that is still my biggest regret. No one will see this poor, rambling, excuse for an apology.

Anyway, much love.

toshimalfoy [userpic]

Just so you know...

March 26th, 2007 (10:36 pm)

I finally finished making this place friends only. Please comment below if you'd like to be added and if I know you I'll friend you back. ^.^

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